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Building flashing and debugging

Building, flashing, and debugging


Here you can find our fork of Official TPM 2.0 Reference Implementation (by Microsoft).

The project is developed using STM32CubeIDE so the building process is straightforward.

Just clone it with git...

git clone --recurse-submodules
cd ms-tpm-20-ref
git checkout cmd_parsing
git submodule update

... and import it using Import -> Existing Project into Workspace in IDE Project Explorer.

Select Nucleo-L476RG project from ms-tpm-20-ref/Samples/Nucleo-TPM/L476RG directory.

Flash and Debug

To flash/debug the application click on the green bug icon on the top toolbar and select Nucleo-L476RG Debug.


If you cannot see it, select Debug Configuration... and it should be listed under STM32 Cortex-M C/C++ Application menu selection.

Some extra tweaks were necessary to enable SWV ITM traces, other than that we are using the default STLink debug configuration.

Debug congiguration

IDE debug configuration file is included in project root dir and should be automatically available Nucleo-L476RG Debug.launch.